• Delain Witzaney

Who is Boudoir photography for?

Many women come into a Boudoir session as a gift to their partner, but quickly realize the personal transformation that happens.

When you do something that scares you growth happens. You begin to see things differently and ask new questions. You may be saying to yourself how the Hell does Boudoir photography do that?! Well let me explain...

Boudoir photography is an experience that connects directly to your soul, the divine famine and you're sensual nature. I believe that all women want to feel desirable and sexy, and not just for their love (or potential lover) but for themselves, and that is my focus.

To help women see themselves as the amazing divine women, who is sensual, desirable, worthy and capably of loving herself so deeply a lover is just a bonus:) and a good bonus at that (am I right?!) True self love comes from within and we need to start to embrace that there may be some work to do to get us to a place of acceptance, true love and expression within ourselves, but I am here for it.

Connection is the thing I crave, and its the thing I work at in my clients. My goal is to connect with you on such a level that I can feel your divine essence and capture it in camera to show you. It is both powerful and vulnerable, but oh so rewarding.

Many of us have suppressed our sensual nature, our power and truth for so long it is dormant within us, but my dear....its still there and its ready to be awakened!

Are you ready?

You can listen to episode 6 of the podcast HERE, where I talk about Who Boudoir photography is for in depth, in relation to the divine feminine! My hope is that you listen to the episode and feel called to take action in reactivating your divine feminine energy!


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