• Delain Witzaney

What is a Boudoir body?

It's bullshit that's what it truly is!

Boudoir is for everybody, and we go deep into it in this week's podcast episode!

I work with two different decks today, my tarot cards and also the Blind Spot oracle deck from Teal Swan. I get some major insight on this idea of a Boudoir body, and how we can begin to shift that perspective and narrative inside our thoughts!

I pull three cards and from Teal Swans oracle deck I pull suppression, what is it that you are stopping yourself from becoming aware of or expressing or acting on something that is arising within you. Our emotions are calling on us for exploration, because we need to become consciously aware of the painful perspectives holding us back in order for us to heal them and move beyond them. We also need to go deep and ask ourselves, is this perspective even mine? Or am I taking on the hurtful perspective of others.

Women have been told for a long time wether consciously or unconsciously that our bodies need to look a certain way, we need to wear certain clothes or we will be perceived as being "easy". All of these perceptions that tell us what we need to be or do for others. But I ask you, who do YOU want to be for YOURSELF?

What is stopping you from living into your dreams and desires, what is stopping you from booking your Boudoir session? What if you said yes anyway and just went for it?

I go even deeper in the podcast, you can take a listen HERE!


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