• Delain Witzaney

Welcome to our new site!

I am so happy and excited to have completed the transformation of our website and social media platforms!

Ten years ago Lady Luck Studios was born out of a project in Photography School, we had to come up with a business name and logo and I wanted something that reflective my love of vintage style! Lady Luck studios was that result and I loved it! But I knew it was time for a change and it has taken me months to do just that.

During the shut downs of the recent pandemic it gave me lots of time to reflect and really think about the future. I knew that I still wanted to photograph women and meet amazing clients, but I also wanted to incorporate a new love of mine Tarot and deep self connection.

I am learning the art of Tarot and I wanted to bring it to my existing clients and also read for people as well. Incorporating cards into sessions has been so much fun and gives me a sense of direction as well as energy behind the day ahead. The sessions have become even more alive and fulfilling, knowing that I am reaching a deeper sense of someone and giving them a unique experience.

It has enhanced my love of photography on a deeper level, and provides a fun and excitement to my clients. I wanted to connect deeper with people and this has given me that, using tarot and oracle cards to bring to life a dream. A dream of how you have always wanted to express your sexuality and deepest desires. How do you dream of being photographed, what are you wearing, what is the location? Let's make that dream come true:)

The other thing I am deeply passionate about is complete openness and sharing with women in my community. Having discussions about sex, family, friendship, personal growth and spirituality, I wanted to somehow bring all of this into my business and I knew that I was ready for a makeover, I am grateful for Lady Luck Studios and the amazing things we have done together but I am ready for something new.

That something new is the House of courtesan. After months of wavering on a name and coming up short, I sat just a little bit longer with it and then I was recommend to read Pussy by Regena Thomashauer, it blew my mind! If you have read it you may feel the same way! The book pushed on some old though beliefs I had and also gave so much fiery juiciness back into my life! In the book Regena talks about Courtesans and how they were resilient, decedent, well educated and in control of their own lives, back when women weren't even allowed to do banking without a man and their legacy reaches ever farther back in history through the generations! These women were high level prostitutes (courtesans). Women who honoured their delicious feminine side, womanly power and living decadent lifestyles, they were well educated and walked with the most successful people of their time. They didn't just accept money for sex, they were sought after for their company and paid handsomely for it. I am not suggesting you become a prostitute but to be inspired of living a turned-on life defined by you, and nobody else.

I want you to go beyond the term Courtesan, and truly have their perspective. They were women who through many adversities chose for themselves how they lived they're lives and expressed themselves and there is power in that. Being on my own journey of self discovery and expression I found myself becoming increasingly excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, not only for me but the women I work with. Change is in the air and I am being called to live it, to step fully into being no matter how uncomfortable it gets, because that is where the magic happens, on the other side of fear.

Bringing all these things together in one place is a scary and exciting undertaking, but I am so glad I am not alone! I am so grateful you are here to walk this road with me and learn together as we go down roads that may be bumpy and long, but sunshine awaits us! So let's climb on this crazy bus and get going, there is so much to talk about and express!


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