• Delain Witzaney

we all have bad days

I use to think that once you "made it" the bad days disappeared and life was happily ever after, once you hit your goals you were golden! Well Shit was I wrong!!!

Bad days happen to everyone, it doesn't matter how much money you have, where you live or how successful you are, things are always going to happen. It's what we do with the bad days that makes the biggest impact on our lives.

When a client would say no, I use to be so upset and hurt, I would take things so personal it would take me on a downward spiral second guessing wether or not women wanted what I was offering them, that maybe it was a stupid idea after all if everyone doesn't love it....you see I had this yearning to be liked and accepted by everyone that it affected my business, my personal life and friendships. I allowed myself to play small and hide my true self from the world, because I didn't want to ruffle any feathers. I would go through all the "worst" case scenarios in my head and then try to decide how I was going to handle it when it happened.

What I realized is that I was planning for failure and not success, I was asking myself the wrong questions. Why was I so concerned about failing....I was scared. Plain and simple I was making decisions out of fear and it was affecting everything... can you relate?

I was focusing on failure, and when what we focus on grows...well shit!!! It was a hard lesson for me to learn and I work on my mindset everyday because of it. I now ask myself "is this decision based on fear?" if so then how do I choose differently, to come from a place of gratitude and love rather than fear. So that I can make decisions that are in alignment with my values, and lets be honest fear is not a value, I respect the hell out of it but I don't want it running the show!

So, I ask you this. How has fear showed up in your life and are you willing to move past it?


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