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The Self Love Campaign

2020 was a year filled with pivots that's for sure!

Our initial plan to do the Self Love Campaign reveals was January, but having to put a pause on that, our aim was February! Well we have pivoted again haha

We have decided to start the reveals with no definitive timeline as we have more sessions booked into February, to accommodate schedules and restrictions! So what does that mean... it means you can expect the reveals to be coming on the blog starting in the next couple days!

These sessions were started in November and I am so ready to share them with you, so we decided to get to the posting:)

We know these posts are loved by our audience, so we aren't making you wait any longer! They are women who are mothers, daughters, sisters, healers, intuitive, you name it! I am so incredibly honoured to have photographed these women, and with the incredible talent of Hamana Artistry we had so much fun in the studio!

These women are brave, powerful and sexy! I love it when women embrace who they truly are, do scary shit and walk more confidently because of it!

Welcome to the Self Love Campaign, where women are healing each other by just simply showing up:)


Thank you to our Swag bag sponsors

Hamana Artistry

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