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The High Priestess and Self Empowerment!

The High Priestess is the second card of the major arcana in the Tarot. The High Priestess is an ancient archetypal energy that is associated with mysteries beyond the veil. She is a gatekeeper of secrets, and holds the key to a never ending source of spiritual energy and wisdom. She can be seen wearing the crown of Isis, the triple goddess moon, and is deeply attuned to the menstrual cycle, mother maiden and crone. The High Priestess energy is a balance of the masculine and feminine, intuition, inner knowledge and spiritual guidance. She is sovereign and holds the secrets of alchemy, death and rebirth as well as the divine feminine.

I LOVE this card:)

I encourage you to sit with this energy, and take it all in. Bring the High Priestess with you, put her on your altar, connect into the card and see what comes alive for you hear anything, see anything, feel anything, perhaps it evokes a smell for you that triggers a memory...all of these things are how your intuition , and guides are communicating with you! It's truly amazing!! It's MAGIC!

I did a podcast episode on it which you can listen to HERE. We explore the high prestess and chat about the High Priestess Sessions where we combine Photography, Tarot and Transformation. If you are in the Edmonton, AB are and want to take part, I would Love to have you! The High Priestess session is an invitation to connect into this energy, to wear it like a cloak and embody your magic, mysteries and divine feminine.


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