• Delain Witzaney

Tammy | Branding Photography

This amazing session with Tammy was months in the making, and it was sooo worth the wait! Tammy is an incredibly multitalented woman, teacher, channel and I am honoured to call her a friend.

Tammy is so multifaceted I wanted to add this paragraph written in her own words:

"I am an ordinary person who wishes to help others realize their true potential. I am a Wife, Herbalist, Völva, Teacher and Healer. I am dedicated to transmuting the trauma that I carry and healing my body. My desire to heal myself on all levels has expanded into a vision of creating sacred space for others to feel safe enough to lay their burdens down so they can go deeper within themselves and allow the healing to occur. I offer group classes and workshops, online lessons, transformational healing, yoga, herbal products, runic healing, reiki, leather work and art. I am always in search of new knowledge and wisdom of many different modalities in order to bring through what is needed for each individual." you can learn more about Tammy and her teachings here, She is amazing!

I love working with such unique entrepreneurs, creating amazing sessions that inspire me to get creative and try new things. This was my first time working with smoke bombs and well it was the bomb!! Haha

I knew that adding a unique feature to some of the images would compliment Tammy and her brand, which has many aspects! We did the session on location in Millet AB, a small town just outside of Edmonton. They have an amazing trail system in the town that led us to this great little pond, and it just so happened to snow for the first time this winter the day before and made the frozen pond look even more enchanting.

I am so grateful Tammy gave me the opportunity to work with her, and for her trust in creating these images together and the HMUA artist Ruth Bancroft who did such a beautiful job in bring out Tammy's beautiful features:)

You can check out more of our Branding sessions here, and contact us to create your own unique session:)


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