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Stop Faking It Till You Make It: How to Step into the Person You Want to Be

I hate this saying! Fake it till you make it :( It tells your subconscious that you can't be who you really are, and that you have to fake being someone else, to get what you want and that's bullshit!! Do you have to change YES, but you don't have to fake you, you must become it!

Here's how you can get super clear on the best version of yourself, so that you can move forward with confidence!

  1. Vision: What do you want, what's the dream? Write it out on paper, what would you love your life to look like, your career? Who are you spending time with, what car are you driving, where are you living? Write it all out, with no barriers in place. This must be written outside of your current circumstances.

  2. Best Version of Yourself: Who do you need to become to live the life in your vision? How does she show up to a meeting, what does she eat, how does she do her hair, who does she talk too? We need to become, the women in our vision from an authentic place not a fake place. When you visualize yourself doing the things, takin the action that's required to level up your life, you become her, because you are her.

  3. Daily Action: What is it you can do in the next five minutes, that will take you closer to your vision? When we focus on changing everything and start to feel the pressure, we are doing ourselves and our dreams a disservice. But by focusing on what we can do, in small bite size pieces it feels so much easier, and we want to focus on how we feel, because it will tell us wether we are in alignment or not!

  4. Re-Evaluate: Every day at the end of the day, ask yourself "did I do everything I could today, to get me to my goals" If the answer is no, don't beat yourself up. Tomorrow is another day!! Every day won't be perfect things happen, life happens, kids happen! But just know ehe you're at, because its up to you to!! know one can do it for you!

  5. Go for it!: This is it, this is your life...are you happy with it or do you desire more? I don't want you to wait another day before going after your dreams! The world needs your unique ideas, perspective and creative endeavours, know one else can create what you can create! And its time!!!

By stepping into the person you want to be, you can create a more authentic, sustainable, and fulfilling path towards your goals. So why fake it when you can be it? Embrace your true self and start living the life you want today.

I have also created a podcast episode you can listen to while you're driving, and if it resonates with you please like and follow so that we can reach more women! Because when I rise you rise, and when you rise I rise, we do it together:)


P.S, If you would like some clarity through this process I invite you to a TAROT reading, where we can ask the cards, and also get you more connected with your own intuition!

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