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Overcoming the fear of being judged can be a difficult process.

Confidence is the quality of being self-assured and assertive in your actions and decisions. Having faith in your own abilities, speaking up for yourself, and taking action to achieve you goals.

There are strategies that you can use to build confidence and assertiveness in your life. Its like a muscle and can be built, no matter how insecure you currently feel!

Here are some tips that can help.

  1. Embrace Your Uniqueness: Recognize that you bring unique skills and perspectives to the world! Instead of worrying about how others may perceive you, focus on what makes you different and special! There is know one like you!!

  2. Support: Having a supportive community can help you feel more confident in your abilities and connecting with your own intuition will help you feel less alone, and more supported!

  3. Practice Assertiveness: This isn't being a boss bitch or being rude, it's about speaking your truth and feelings so that you can be open, create trust with yourself and others! Clarity is power, and putting unspoken expectations on people, things and outcomes just ends in devastation.

  4. Focus on a positive Outcome: Instead of worrying about how others may perceive you, focus on the outcome you want to achieve.

  5. Challenge Negative Self-Talk: When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts or worrying about being judged, challenge those thoughts by asking yourself if they are true or helpful. Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations that reinforce your confidence and self-worth.

  6. Have a vision: If you know where you want to go, and your why behind it, you have something driving you that's bigger than any mean comment a stranger on the internet can make! Know where you're going and why!

These strategies can absolutely help you work through feeling judged, but you have to use them! You have to want to change and break through that glass ceiling! Self confidence is grown through repetition, just like any other muscle in the body, you must work at it ignorer for it to grow!

You can totally do this, I believe in you!!

If you would love support I am here for you! Tarot is an amazing way to re connect with your own guidance team, and start to build on your self confidence.


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