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CARV Hair Team | Edmonton hair salon

These peeps are amazingly talented and I was so excited when they asked me to create some social media content for them! CARV is located in Edmonton, AB and is a destination for locals looking for premier hair talent!

One of the benefits on having someone from outside your company or industry, to take your images, is that they see things differently. A valuable perspective! Most of us, when we are "in it" for so long, we can forget that others don't see what we see, they don't know what we know, and sometimes we need to go back to basics.

We can get caught up in the industry lingo, and our audience has no idea what were talking about haha Which is why I love working with brands! I love helping them to capture their vibe, the spaces and products, as well as the people:)

A content session gives you the breathing room to create! Having your very own branded and custom content for your social media accounts, website, printed campaigns and so much more...these images will take your brand to the next level and help you get those daily posts in without half assing it ;) Access to your own archive of images, makes posting easy and fun!:)

CARV hair team

Edmonton, AB

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