• Delain Witzaney

My Story

Today I recorded my story on the podcast.

I share about how my sexual assault shaped my life, and how it effected me. This is my first time sharing publicly about the experience and is not about blaming anyone. I have done a lot of healing around this time in my life, and I continue to today. It's not easy but we can get to a better place.

Sexual assault effects how we see our bodies, how we feel about our bodies, and can shape our perceptions on love and relationships. I felt called to talk about this subject and share with you that healing is possible. It's possible to love your body again, to reclaim your sexuality and feel pleasure for you, not just for women else.

Sex is life force energy, it's how we create life in this world and it is also pleasurable. Getting to a place where I could have pleasure again was an amazing win for me, and freed me to explore even more areas where I have been holding myself back, out of shame or fear.

I share about being harassed at work and how I became a photographer, and lived out my dream to help other women feel sexy, to show them what I saw in them. I never saw myself as a creative being before I found photography and struggled with thinking I needed to know my calling at a young age for it to be someone how relevant, but this just isn't true. I needed to live some life before finding my passion and I think that gives me a different set of skills. Skills that help me bring out the sensuality in my clients during there Boudoir session, make them feel seen and heard, and have some fun being fully immersed in feminine energy.

I want to you to know, my story may be different then yours, but I am here for you! If you feel called to share your story but don't want to do it publicly, my email is a safe space! info@delain.ca I am here for you, you are safe with me.

If you would like to listen to the podcast episode here is the LINK


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