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How to use the Flower Moon to cultivate self worth

This energy makes it an ideal time to reflect on our lives and identify areas that are not serving us.

The flower moon is associated with the blooming of flowers and the renewal of life. Which makes it an excellent time to focus on increasing your self-confidence and self-worth.

I like to take advantage of the full moon, do a releasing ceremony, and set new intentions! Releasing the old, allows us to open space for new opportunities, experiences and ways of being. Here is how I do it!

  1. Set state: Take the time to gather a few things. I like to light a candle, set up a little altar, burn some incense and get a pen and paper. I play some music that I can listen to, while I close my eyes and ask myself "What is it I need to let go of today?" I take a few deep breaths, and listen to my inner world. Paying attention to what's coming up for me.

  2. Journal: After I listen to a couple songs and sit with my question, I pick up and journal and start to write. I write down all the things I am ready to let go off, the limiting beliefs, the old paradigms and thing things I'm ready to release.

  3. Thank Great Spirit: After I have it all written out I thank great spirit and ask for support in letting it go. It can be easy to write it down, but I like to ask for support, in the releasing and then leaving it up t0 great spirit.

  4. Burn the pages: Outside of you can or in a safe container, use your candle to light the pages you just wrote on fire. As the pass I burn I like to continue to call in the realizing of all the things that no longer serve me, and then give it all back to Gia so that it can be transformed back into the earth.

  5. Place the ashes onto the earth: When you place your ashes onto the earth, you are letting the transformation go full circle. It is a visual representation that everything is connected and everything has the potentiality of transforming into something beautiful.

  6. Journal: After releasing everything I like to sit back down with my journal and write down how I want to fill those empty spaces I just created, Fill them all in with all the abundance, joy and magic I want to create in my life. What I would love more of, and the new joyful things I want to experience.

When we set intentions during the Full Moon, we take advantage of heightened energy, which can transform out lives. Connect in with the moon, feel her power and energy and know that you can cultivate that within yourself.

Self-care is essential for maintaining a healthy self-image. Take care of your body, mind, and soul. Get in touch with your spiritual practices, book a Boudoir session, get into nature, express your uniqueness. When we feel more fulfilled with ourselves we eliminate the draw to outer validation, which os fleeting.

I would love to know how this ceremony worked for you, I know it can be very emotional and powerful for me!


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