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Ancestral Portraits | Edmonton, AB

This session changed me. Seeing these portraits come to life is craving a deeper meaning in my work and expressing that through photography.

Ancestral portraits are for the person wanting a deeper connection with who they truly are, and where their family comes from. Even if you have never been on your ancestral land, it can be a transformative experience to gather garments, and step into the essence of a peoples that are no longer with us. Lost customs and transitions can be felt once again. Healing and a feeling of connection. These sessions are powerful, fun and can help change the way you connect with yourself, your family and spirit.

Tammy is a Herbalist, Völva, Teacher and Healer, and it is an incredible honour to work with her, learn from her and call her a friend.

Tammy Bergen

Northern Valkyrie

Hair by

Rev Hair/Amanda

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