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Five outfit ideas | Boudoir Photography

One of the biggest questions I get asked, is what should I wear? Do I bring my own wardrobe or will you be providing me with options! At this time, all our clients are bringing their own outfits into the studio!

So what should you bring to your Boudoir Portrait Session....here are five tips!

  1. Bring in outfits that fit you well! I know we all have lingerie in our closets that we haven't worn in years, and that's fine, but I encourage you to try them on and see if they still fit! if they don't yay, you get to go shopping and find something that you love:) When your lingerie fits you well you will feel way more confident, and I want you too feel amazing during your session and not second guess your outfit:)

  2. What have you always wanted to wear? Have you had a lingering fantasy to wear a black lace bodice and stockings but never fulfilled that desire? Well now is the time! haha During our consultation we talk about this and go deep into your desires, because I want to help you express yourself in ways you never have. So embracing your dream wardrobe is part of that experience! Nothing us off the table!

  3. Two to three outfits is all you need! Those outfits can be variations like a bodysuit with a robe and hat, that gives us three even four different options, and even props like leather harnesses can be aded to give another look:) What I would love for you is to find one outfit (bodysuits, bra and panty set) that you love and feel good in and we can create magic! You don't need to go out and buy fourteen new outfits, just one or two will do:)

  4. Accessories can be fun! If it adds to the aesthetic you are going for then bring it with you:) Again when we go through the consultation process and we talk about your session, we can chat about your ideas and I can give my recommendations!

  5. Do I have to wear lingerie? Heck no!! If sexy to you is a satin dress then let's do that! The Boudoir session is all about getting you to embrace your erotic and feminine side, and if you're wearing a dress that doesn't matter because you will feel the essence of it through the images. A dominatrix doesn't wear "traditional" lingerie and neither do you:) Part of customizing your session is going deep into those desires and coming up with a customized session to go along with it

Your session is about you, and no two sessions are doing to be the same. We are all so very different in our wants and desires and that is what we try to do here in studio (or location) Having fun getting to know our clients intimately and giving them a unique experience is are jam!!

I would love to hear what you would bring to your session...what would you wear? Have questions...reach out to me on IG or Email I would love to hear from you:)


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