• Delain Witzaney

Episode 8 | Inauthenticity

Ok! This episode is a bit different for me but I felt called to share!

Every morning part of my spiritual practice is pulling cards for myself and today I was working with The Blind Spot oracle deck from Teal Swan, these cards are so powerful and are pretty much blowing my mind! haha

This morning I pulled card number 23 (see below) and its titled Inauthenticity, now for me I always ask a question and pull a card for clarity or what it is I need to know about a particular subject, and sometimes I don't like the answer haha (am I the only one?)

Today was no exception, I don't always like the answer but I am committed to my growth and development so I dug into this card, and now I am sharing it with you. In this podcast episode I read out the entire message from the guidebook and its not an easy one (well for me anyway) so I encourage you to give it a listen and really sit with it. Allow yourself to go deep and ask yourself "Is this true for me on any level?" and pay attention to the emotions that come up, there is wisdom there for you. I hope you enjoy it and as always I would love to hear from you! You send me a message through email of DM me in Instagram HERE!

I hope you enjoy this episode, you can listen to the episode HERE

Here is the image of the sigil on the card.


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