• Delain Witzaney

Edmonton Grad Session

Ok this dress!! I absolute love grad sessions, the dresses, the hair and makeup! All the Glamour and I am so in for all of it haha

I remember getting ready with my girlfriends on grad day, it was so exciting! We couldn't wait to walk out in our gowns and feel like a super model for day! It was all about us and we were ready for it!!

Grad is a transitional time for young adults and calls for celebration and that's what we do in the studio for our clients! Celebrating the transition out of high school, moving out of the house, working towards a career and learning all about the next stages in their life.

Portrait sessions for seniors are near and dear to my heart, helping young women feel amazing and beautiful, and confident in themselves, so that we can build up the next generation of women to go after their dreams, empower other women and focus on community!


Dress is from Sarah's Fashion

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