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Edmonton Boudoir | The Self Love Campaign

She said yes then she said no, then she said YES book me here's my money!

Sometimes its a no, and other times its a full body YES, sign me up I will do what it takes to get there and do this, because I need it and the universe keeps nudging me haha

This beautiful women is a friend of mine, she has a big heart, shiny smile, and makes me laugh from my belly! It was so amazing having the opportunity to take her Boudoir Photos, I can't even express how much fun we had! Angela thank you for trusting me, and doing the session even though you were totally nervous and maybe a little scared! I love how open you were, and even expressed "oh my gosh, I am standing in front of you, pretty much naked and I am chill!" haha I think we got you through the nerves and captured some beautiful portraits of you:)

We want every woman to have portraits of themselves that they love, and inspire them. This is why we run the campaign every year, its an easier YES! It is so much fun watching women let go of the fear and nerves right before my eyes, through hair and makeup to the posing, it takes time but I am here for you. Helping you through the entire process and pushing your boundaries.... a little but it is so worth it!

Boudoir Photography is my passion and I am so grateful to all my clients who have trusted me to capture this side of them. We don't always show our feminine or sensual side, and we want to give you the opportunity to let it fly! Do something you wouldn't normally do and have fun with it, because I don't think we allow ourselves to have enough fun or express our deepest desires. Myself included:)

So I dare you, go and do something fun that also feels a bit scary! Open yourself up to possibilities you never dreamed, you may find they are more a possibility that you once thought.

HMUA Hamana Artistry

I would also Love to recognize our sponsors for the rad swag bags:

Benoit Wellness Consulting

Hamana Artistry

Be You Clothing Collection

Gecko Rose Studios

Shauna Von Grat with Melealuca

Thank you so much for your support!

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