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Edmonton Boudoir | the self love campaign

My girl Kyla!

Kyla contacted me to be apart of the Self Love Campaign with a big fat YES! She was nervous and a little hesitant but she said yes anyway, and showed up in the face of her fears and insecurities.

Kyla has had Boudoir Photos done in the past, when she was in a different place in her life and her body. Kyla is a bombshell and it was so fun photographing her! I mean just scroll down (after you read the rest of this post :) ) and check out how stunning she is, you can feel her true self come through these images and that is the entire point! Not to make you look like someone else, but a reflection of another side of you that maybe you haven't expressed in awhile.

We tend to look back on old images of ourselves and compare to where we are now, comparing what we look like now to who we were and what our bodies were like five, ten, fifteen years ago. What we forget to put into perspective of all the changes that happened in our lives and that we are constantly changing and that includes our bodies.

As women we are cyclical and shouldn't expect to have the same body as when we were twenty, our hormones, having babies and years of wisdom have changed us and we become more of ourselves. Our bodies change right along with us, and this should be celebrated, the milestones in a woman's life are something magical, but instead we suppress and try to "go back" to what we were before, but we can't, and I argue we shouldn't.

The thing is that it's not your fault! We have lost the ceremony and honour of the stages of woman hood in western society and that has given us this misunderstanding, that we should always be represented as a twenty year old. Strive to look youthful and fit into a mold, but when you express the youthfulness you are told well not that youthful. It feels like walking on the plank at times, just trying to fit into what has been dictated to us over the years. But the good news is that we don't have to, we can be whomever we like, and don't have to justify our actions to anyone. What we wear, how we express our femininity, our job, how we do our makeup... that's all for us to decide and the universe is calling for you to do just that. Can you hear her? She's calling you...

Amazing things happen when we decide to live for ourselves and decide what we would Love, and not compare our path with those around us. There are no two paths that are the same.

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I would also Love to recognize our sponsors for the rad swag bags:

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