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Edmonton Boudoir | the Self Love Campaign

Well this year took a lot of turns but we are so ready to be sharing the Self Love Campaign sessions with you!

We started the sessions in November and were planning on releasing the boudoir photos starting January 1, but decided to hold off a bit until we were finished all of the sessions. Well ultimately we have decided to start releasing them, even though we still have more to come!

Michelle was one of our first sessions, and this is her third time doing the self love campaign! That's how much she loves Boudoir Photography and being a positive influence for other women and I am so grateful:)

Michelle is a health, mind and body coach. She helps men and women to gain back their confidence with their bodies, but also helps to change the un-helpful mindsets that are holding you back. Among holding her own retreats and mindset workshops, Michelle is an instructor with the Girls On Fire confidence and wellness workshops for girls, giving girls tools in their tool box to navigate life with confidence.

I always have such a great time photographing Michelle, for her business as well as her Boudoir Portraits, and I love how open honest and blunt she can be! Haha it is never a dull moment with her and I love that we can just be real!

Michelles website IG Facebook

I would also Love to recognize our sponsors for the rad swag bags:

Benoit Wellness Consulting

Hamana Artistry

Be You Clothing Collection

Gecko Rose Studios

Shauna Von Grat with Melealuca

Thank you so much for your support!

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