• Delain Witzaney

Do you struggle with body hair?

This is a very personal decision, and you get to decide for yourself if waxing is apart of your body care ritual or not! I personally love an intimate wax (Brazilian) and go regularly! To me I feel sexier and more in love with my body when I do:)

My favourite studio in the city is Buff Wax Spot and I talk with founder Sina Zere on the podcast about self confidence and body hair! Sina shares her story of becoming an entrepreneur, and why she created Buff!

Sina is an expert in her field an has changed the way we get waxed in Edmonton. Her studios and products are beautiful and have become staples in my routine!

Sina and I talk about confidence, dispel some waxing myths and inclusivity. Sina really challenges business owners to think about inclusivity and what it means to your clients!

We also recored video for this episode and you can watch it below:) yay so fun!! You can also head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe to stay up to date!

We have also put the audio on our podcast and you can listen to that HERE!

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