• Delain Witzaney

Do this one thing to increase your self confidence!

Years ago when I was a new mom and struggling I went into a depression. I was struggling to breast feed, eat, sleep and even function. I was on a liquid diet because I had zero appetite and living in my in laws basement. A new mom, zero idea of what to do and little support system. My partner at the time was great, but I found myself alone a lot and didn't know what I actually needed to make things better. I was lost.

It took me months to feel somewhat better and lifestyle circumstances changed (we moved) which helped with my mental health. I spent time reading and spending time in the self help section of the book store (my happy place) I was reading spiritual based books, self help, meditation, entrepreneurship, I was craving a new way of being.

I was a stay at home mom, and doing my photography on weekends. We found ourselves pregnant again, and I though I was ready... when I was pregnant I attended a one day workshop with Stacy Berger and it catapulted me into this new world! A world of possibilities, growth and life fulfillment. I was excited for the first time in a long time...but when baby number two came along I could feel that dark cloud move in and I knew I needed help.

This awareness was the number one tool I have learned that has helped me not only gain self confidence, but transform my results. When I was in that dark cloud my awareness of my thoughts is what helped me make the call for support. this tool is life changing and is accessible to all of us.

When we hear that voice inside our head talk nasty to us, we have to choices. One, to accept it for truth, or Two interrupt it and say not today!! Today I choose positive thoughts and I am more than capable of living out my dreams and desires thank you very much!!!!

This interrupt is key, why? Because what we focus on grows, good or bad our brain doesn't decipher what's good or bad, it just gives us more of what we think about!!! BOOM, this is amazing news, because now you know you get to choose!

So the next time you feel that nasty voice creep in, remember you get to choose not to listen and instead interrupt it and move forward with love.

I talk more about this in the podcast episode, you can listen to it HERE! As always I appreciate you, and you are loved!


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