• Delain Witzaney

Comparison | It's keeping you from your dreams.

Ugh...that is how I feel about this subject, but it is an important one! Why you ask, because it is preventing us from living out our dreams!

Have you ever said to yourself, "well, they're already doing that thing, so why would I?", "So and so is doing it better anyway...so I can't". If you said no, then you are lying to yourself! Mabye not these exact questions but we ALL compare ourselves to others, it doesn't matter how successful you are, there is going to be something you compare yourself too and if you don't become aware of it, it will stop you from doing what you truly are called to do.

So how do we overcome this crappy low vibe energy of comparison? We start by being easy on ourselves, you are not alone and it doesn't define you. Becoming aware of our thoughts is a big step and asking "is this even true?" No Girl its not, why? because we need you, and you are so unique!

Often times we are comparing ourselves with someone who has been doing the "thing" for several years and has put time and effort into getting to where they are today, and the truth is we NEVER know what people have been through, struggled with or struggle with everyday. We are all human with human tendencies, don't ever put someone on a pedestal. We all started from zero, if you know the Iron Cowboy ( I saw him speak once and he blew my mind!) he talks about this in an interview with Tom Bilyeu and it is fabulous, listen HERE.

The truth is you are unique, everything that you have been through gives you a unique story, set of skills and ways of seeing the world, this is why you NEED to go after your dreams. We need everyone living into a life of their dreams, doing the thing they are called to do because it can changes lives, saves lives and changes the collective! Isn't that amazing?!

On episode 9 I go deeper into Comparison and offer a three card Tarot Reading on the subject, its super insightful and will hopefully help you to work on your comparison tendencies and make a shift towards living a life of your dreams!

Episode 9: Comparison, and how it keeps you from your dreams.


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