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Christine | Branding Portraits | Nature

Christine Fraser is on a mission! With over 15 years of exerpince she has been facilitating Transformation Healing workshops, retreats and one-on-one sessions. Helping people from all walks of life to heal, release trauma, connect, and find their own connection with spirit.

These portraits were taken out in Strathcona County, just outside of Edmonton. A perfect backdrop for someone wanting that connection with nature being represented in their branding portraits. During our consultation we talked about location and it was very important for Christine to be out in nature. Which happened to he her backyard haha And just look at the amazing portraits we created together, I am in love with these portraits, the colours, location, unexpected friends (kitty cat), and the time of day all contributed:) Which is why the consultation is so important! We dig deep to find out just what's important to you, the feeling you want to convey, and we work together to create that!

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