• Delain Witzaney

Are you in a funk?

Do you ever find yourself in a funk? Of course you do, we all do! If doesn't matter how successful or how long you have been doing your spiritual practices, we all get into funks.

Wether that is feeling alone, un-motivated, or in a constant state of procrastination!

These three tips I use often and are just the start! There are so many ways you can get out of that funk, so that you don't have to stay there longer than needed!

  1. Music! I love 90's dance music and always gets me moving haha! Put on a song you love and move your body, laugh smile and really allow yourself to FEEL the music!

  2. Nature! Go out for a walk, with no distractions!! I also like to set an intention, with every step I take I am relaxing the anxiety, stress and worry!

  3. Bare feet! Put your bare feel on the ground (or visualize) breath in and out nice and deep, allowing yourself to feel the connection to the earth. See yourself grounding in all layers of the earth right to her core! You are never alone, SHE is always here.

I go into these in more detail on this weeks episode of the podcast you can listen HERE!

If you have been called to listen to this episode I would love to hear your ways on how you get out of a funk! Share in the comments, or come over to IG and message me:) I would love to connect!

Have an amazing day!


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