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Boudoir photography can change your perspective | Lady Luck Studios

Boudoir photography dates back to 1840 and has seen many changes in the following decades, especially the intended audience.

It has transformed from risqué and forbidden to an empowering experience for women to feel sexually desirable, sensual and daring. Most of our clients are indeed having photo sessions for their partners, but the experience leaves them feeling desirable and full of powerful sexual energy, a feeling that is re-lived every time they look at their images.

Sexual energy isn't just about having sex, it is about feeling powerful, ignited, daring and creative!! Learning to transfer sexual energy into other areas of your life is a powerful tool to have. The term is sexual transmutation, it has been written about for decades!

When you think about how feeling desired makes you feel, and I don't mean by another. When you get up in the morning and put your favourite outfit on, do your hair, put on makeup, whatever that looks like for you. When you put the best version of yourself forward you feel unstoppable, and that's why Boudoir Photography can be so impactful in that journey.

Having images of yourself as you are today, and seeing yourself as a sexual being can change your life, and I mean that! When I look at my images and see this woman who is brave, daring, and has a desirable essence to her, I feel like I am onto of the world! That I can take on challenges, I am worthy of being desired and I know you are too!

Sometimes we have to walk through the fire, towards the things that scare us, but from there we grow and transform into better versions of ourselves.


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Images by my BF Kristina

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