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30 Days of Self Love

Oh my gosh!!

This campaign has been truly inspiring, I am grateful for the brave women who said YES! Thank you so much for being apart of this project and helping us share with the world how unique and beautiful women are, just as they are in the body they are in today:)

We booked twenty seven women into the campaign which is amazing for our first time doing this! It has been a heart warming month, sharing the images and words of these women with the world. The response has been amazing our hearts are full!

Thank you to the amazing and talented Tiiu for being apart of this journey and hanging out with me:) Haha, we laughed, hugged, did some yoga and best of all became friends.

Thank you, yes you! The one reading this, I am so grateful you were here with us during the journey and showing these women some love. We are excited for our next campaign we know you will love that one too, so stay tuned annoncment will be happening soon:)


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