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Day 10 | Self Love Movement

Day Ten of 30 Days of Self Love, a campaign we thought the world needed! Changing the inner dialogue of women to find Joy, Love and connection with their mind, body and soul as they are today! Challenging the status quo and being self defined.

Meet DeeAnne,

A multi passionate woman who is a trailblazer in the Holistic Health Sector in Canada. Bringing people together for health, healing and support. I was so excited to photograph DeeAnne and to give her the gift of Self Love and an afternoon of Self Care! I was so excited you said YES to this campaign, thank you to Tiiu for beautiful hair and makeup:)

This campaign is on Day Ten and I am so grateful for the LOVE it has been received. Thank you to everyone who is reading the posts and giving these women some Love by liking their posts and messages.

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