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Day 7 | Self Love Movement

Day Seven of 30 Days of Self Love, a campaign we thought the world needed! Changing the inner dialogue of women to find Joy, Love and connection with their mind, body and soul as they are today! Challenging the status quo and being self defined.

Meet Sarah,

Sarah is a proud mamma of two little munchkins and decided it was time for a little "me time":) I love this! I understand how important it is to recharge those batteries and get connected with myself after having kids. It can be a hard decision for moms to spend that time on ourselves, but we are better moms for it! When we feel good we change the way we interact with our kids, and how we show up!

Thank you Sarah for saying YES and giving yourself a day of Self Love, I know it is amazing to have your Hair and Makeup done by a professional and Tiiu did a wonderful job, thanks lady:)

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