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Day 4 | Self Love Movement

Day Four of 30 Days of Self Love, a campaign we thought the world needed! Changing the inner dialogue of women to find Joy, Love and connection with their mind, body and soul as they are today! Challenging the status quo and being self defined.

Meet Lorna,

Lorna was soooo excited for her session! She had been looking forward to it for over a week and was possibly the only lady who didn't think of cancelling.....Haha! Sometimes spending money on ourselves and taking the time to do something that's just for us can be hard, and feel a little selfish, but I just want you to read Lorna's words "Thanks to you I have found a new "self love" I feel more positive in everything in life and I thank you for that, I hope every woman that reads your blog and post gets that and feels it, and I love my pictures!" This is what the entire campaign is about, helping women feel amazing right now, as they are:) Thank you Lorna for saying YES!

It was so great getting to know you Lorna, and your daughters!! We had fun drinking mimosas and I know Tiiu had a blast getting you all dolled up!

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