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Day 3 | Self Love Movement

Day three of 30 Days of Self Love, a campaign we thought the world needed! Changing the inner dialogue of women to find Joy, Love and connection with their mind, body and soul as they are today! Challenging the status quo and being self defined.

Meet Lee,

I just LOVE the diverse group of women we had contact us for this campaign. I have known Lee since grade eight, so about 100 hundred years now haha. I am so excited that she said YES to this campaign and pushed herself outside of her comfort zone. As you can see the result was amazing photos of a Beautiful woman who has had her fair share of ups and downs! Congratulations on taking that step and trusting us to get you all dolled up thanks to Tiiu, and trusting me to take your Boudoir Portraits:) I am so grateful for you and all the amazing women who said yes! Thank you.

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