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Have more fun!

What could you add to your calendar in 2019 to have more fun?!

I often hear from women that they have always wanted to do a Boudoir Session but just never got around to saying YES. Well what's standing in your way to saying YES right now, in this moment the way you are in the body you have? I can sit here all day and write about all the beautiful and amazing things you have to offer this world, but it comes down to how you feel, and I get that 100%!

When I did my Boudoir session I was hung up on how I looked and what would I ever find to look flattering on me! But you know what I did? I said YES booked the day and went for it, I bough one outfit that I LOVED and threw on some stockings and heels!

When I was in the session I forgot about those nagging voices telling me I wasn't good enough or skinny enough or toned enough...blah...blah... I actually forgot!!! I let go and had FUN, so much FUN and that's what I want more of for 2019, FUN! Experiences that make me feel good and joyful! Spending quality time cell phone free with my kiddos, taking more walks in nature, going paddle boarding FINALLY, going to the beach, more meetings on patios, and enjoying more of the amazing festivals we have here in Edmonton!

So what can you do to add more fun to your calendar? Maybe it is a Boudoir Session, or spending quality time with your family, taking that trip you have always wanted, or maybe it's taking art classes? Whatever it is, find time to have more fun and laugh often!

Here is a beautiful little video from my coach and mentor Stacey Berger talking about adding more fun to your life and your year!


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