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What can I Love here?

Sometimes inspiration comes in different ways, and that's what happened when I was reading a Blog post about photography. What happened was profound, a clarification, resonance and happiness, something that I wasn't expecting to find in that moment, but through the words of Asher Svidensky, I found a new perspective and for that I am grateful.

Asher was speaking to photographers about the obstacles we can sometimes face. Obstacles that we create by focusing on what is going wrong, and what is preventing us to create the image we so desperately wanted in that moment. Focusing on the imagined image we wanted, and not the beauty that is right in front of us. Taking a step back and asking a new question, a different question a more inspiring question. "What can I love here, what is beautiful, what is attracting my eye?" (Ashers original blog post) As I was reading his words I instantly though of myself and my clients.

Everyday when you look into the mirror you can choose to only say good things! You can choose to change your perspective, "what can I love here?", "What makes me happy about my body, my life?" When you focus on the good the more good you see, the more you can be grateful for. Ask a new question, because The truth is, it only matters what you think and how you feel. One common thing when I ask my clients what they would say to their younger self about self love, is that they wish they would have accepted themselves for who they are in their own bodies, they are beautiful the way they are in that moment as they are, without changing anything. Don't worry about what others are thinking because you are probably wrong.

When I did my Boudoir session a few months ago I heard the inner dialogue, saying things like "your body isn't toned enough, wait a few months", "you don't have anything to wear anyway", "you don't have anyone to give the pictures to its a waist", all that crap! haha it happened to me, and I know it happens to you. I also know that when you whole heartedly say yes and do it anyway in the face of fear, amazing things happen. Wonderfull experiences open up to you and you have FUN!!

My session was photographed by my good friend Kristina, and I had so much fun!! I allowed myself to be there in that moment and enjoy it! the result was receiving these amazing pictures that I will have forever and can look and say, "I am so glad I did that, because I was HOT at 35, and felt amazing! I am so glad I didn't wait!"

My wish for all of you is that you find happiness and love inside your beautiful body and do more things that bring you Joy, Love, Laughter and Lingerie:) Ask a new question "What would I Love?"


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