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For Charity | Boudoir

Boudoir is an amazing gift to give someone. An experience that stays with you every time you look at your images, a feeling of excitement and empowerment. Why empowerment? Because it was scary but you did it any way! Pushed through a fear and came out the other side with a beautiful experience, and some pretty awesome portraits, we must say:)

Myself and Stephanie Strazza were asked to be apart of the ACES 2019 Calendar, celebrating women over 50 and the results were pretty amazing! Twelve women came into our make shift studio inside Verve Salon and Spa and rocked it!

Everyone of those women came in feeling nervous and unsure of the process, but after a little Champaign ;) and through the process of hair and makeup they loosened up and started to feel beautiful, not having done anything like this before, they were willing to do it for charity.

Charity holds a special place in women's hearts, especially these twelve. All Women Entrepreneurs willing to undress for charity and their good friend and Colleague Dorothy Briggs. Dorothy Brough these women together and created an amazing calendar that is selling like hot cakes! Designed by Lorraine of Little Blue Bug Studios, it is selling all over Edmonton and the trunk of Dorothy's car:)

I was so honoured to be apart of something that gives back to women entrepreneurs and a wonderful Non-for Profit that is sure to change the lives of countless women, and their families.

Thank you so much to everyone who was apart of this powerful project


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