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What would you tell your younger self?

We are so grateful to all the woman who have applied for 30 Days of Self Love! We are so excited to have started the process of booking you all in and have a few session already done! Yay!!!

When completing the questionnaire portion of the application process, we get to learn a little more about you, and what makes you unique:) We all have things we might not like about out bodies, but we want to know what you LOVE about your bodies! It is more fun talking about the things we love, then allowing ourselves to go down that rabbit hole and focus on the negative....So..what do YOU LOVE about your body?

Self Love is a personal journey, and it's different for all of us. But one thing we see in common is what we would tell our younger selves about self love. Don't worry about what others may think of you, first of all you might be guessing wrong and second of all, it only matters what you think and how you feel inside your body:) So cut yourself some slack and be passionate to yourself, talk to yourself like your best friend does and work it girl!!!! You are worth it as you are, in the body you have, Love yourself, because you are amazing and unique!

We still have a few spots available and we want to fill up! SO please apply, or nominate someone you love who would love to be apart of this very special campaign:)


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