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Now What?!

You have said YES and booked your Boudoir Session, now what?! What the heck happens, what do I do, what do I bring?! Well I am here to take away some of that confusion so that you can feel confidant when you show up!

The first step of the session is hair and makeup, the only thing YOU need to do is come with dry hair, and a clean face, thats it!! Our amazing professional hair and makeup artists take care of you and help turn your hat hair into Glam hair! They know their stuff!

The second step of the session is the photo shoot, YAY!! My favourite part obviously:) One thing that I like to do before hand is look at what outfits you brought, and pair those outfits with the poses that I want you to do. So, while you are having the best time in hair and makeup I am planning your shoot with your outfits so that it is an easy process for you during the shoot, and you don't have to think about anything!

That brings me to outfits! What should YOU bring? I would say on average my clients bring three outfits with them, this ranges from bodysuits, bra and panty sets, baby dolls, husbands t-shirts, and well nothing;) It is up to you what you bring but I would love to help, during the consultation process we chat about outfits, you may have the perfect thing in your closet already and don't need to go shopping:) If you want to bring accessories please do so, we go through everything together and customize your session, right down to the location which is another Blog Post :)

If you have any questions please CONTACT us and we can chat! We are here to help you through this process so that you get the most amazing and sexy photos:)

Want to learn more, check out our behind the scenes video HERE


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