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Jocelyn is a change maker and a trail blazer!

Branding Session

Deciding to create a company that works with heart centered business, and passionate entrepreneur's wasn't an easy step for Jocelyn. It was the result of years of soul searching and building a positive relationship with herself that forever changed the direction of her life.

Overcoming harassment , being bullied and verbally attacked she shows deep compassion for people and helping them to succeed in their businesses. Jocelyn has a deep understanding of what it takes to change the inner turmoil into passion and change for the better. With a strong connection to community and giving back, Jocelyn helps give a voice to women who are braving the elements to bring their passion and share their businesses with the world.

Jocelyn is up to amazing things, and I cannot wait to see what she does next! Thank you for supporting me and letting me share your story with the world.

HMUA: Stephanie Strazza, Blushed Beaute

Location: Woodrack Cafe, Edmonton Alberta

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