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Lanie's Experience | Edmonton Boudoir

Lanie is an inspirational woman, from power lifting to pole dancing she does it all with a whole heck of a lotta confidence. This woman loves her body and I LOVE that! Boudoir is all about expressing your sexual being no matter your size. It's about YOU not anyone else!



Lanie won a gift certificate to come to our studio and have her Boudoir Session done! We were excited to be apart of Aradia Fitness Edmonton's showcase and support an awesome company! What a fun night it was watching all those men and women put it ALL out there! Congratulations to all of you, that was crazy impressive. You are amazing at what you do, and it takes a lot courage to get up on that stage and perform for an audience!


I can't quite explain how amazing it was to share Lanie's video with her. From the laughter to the OMG's, she was so happy with what she saw:) This is honestly the best part of my job. getting to experience with my clients, seeing themselves as a sexy, beautiful woman, it doesn't get better than that. Knowing that I help women get to experience themselves in a positive way, and share with them photos they LOVE, fills me with gratitude. Thank you so much for trusting me to take these amazing photos of you:)


Hair and makeup by the talented Pushpa.

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