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Christmas | Edmonton, AB

Stocking stuffers are so much fun!! I love to fill them with random crap...I mean things:)

My boys this year are getting bubbles, candy, socks, stuffies, and a movie! There will also be a couple extra gifts under the tree because I bought too many stocking stuffers and I had to wrap a few! Haha

Christmas is my favourite holiday, and it has new meaning for me since having kids. I LOVE watching my kids open presents and get exited to play with their new toys (or paper box) but I also love spending time watching movies, eating and just enjoying each others time!

Being an entrepreneur I am always thinking about work, wether that is posting onto social media, organizing shoots and just day dreaming about where I see Lady Luck Studios in the future, I need to really focus my time. Putting down the phone or ipad, and getting on the floor to play (wrestle) with my boys, colour, paint, play with cards whatever the activity my goal is to be present. Some days that is harder than others, but I know time goes by fast and I don't want to miss all these fun stages they are going through!

I may not take as many pictures this year, but I can promise you I will be enjoying watching my kids open their stockings and presets, because I will be present with them, and pretending that Santa really did pick out Buzzlightyear!! Santa you Rock!!

Merry Christmas Everyone, and my wish for you is that you get to spend time with those you LOVE!:)


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