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Lingerie Shopping | Boudoir Photography

Looking for the right outfits to bring to your Boudoir Session can be confusing and maybe daunting. I am here to help make it easy for you and Fun!

A great place to start with Lingerie is a bodysuit! These little numbers look amazing on ALL body types. They are so flattering and I tell all my clients to pick one up if they don't have one already! If you have a bigger bust and need support look for a bodysuit that has a build in bra!

The other thing I recommend when looking for Lingerie is a matching bra and panty set. They are very versatile, you can wear it alone, add a robe or even just wear the panties by themselves! The other thing you can bring is a shirt or sweater, something that you love and can give you that "cozy" photo! I love these and they create such a person image to add to your collection of Boudoir Portraits. I making things personal, I often have clients bring the partners shirt, tie or favourite jersey.

The main thing about picking out Lingerie for your Boudoir Session is to make sure that it fits properly, and you LOVE it! You want to feel sexy and incredible in the outfits you bring! If you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them! heylady@ladyluckstudios.com I can also come with you!! If you are struggling to shop you can book me to come with you and we can find that special outfit together! I want to give your Boudoir Portraits that you are going to cherish, and if that means having me there to shop with you than that is what I will do! I know it can be hard shopping for Lingerie, especially if you are trying things on that aren't flattering, it can really take the wind out of your pretty wings. So let's do it together:)

Boudoir Photography is about capturing you, your sexual essence! So I encourage you to shop for that piece of Lingerie that you LOVE and don't want to take off! Unless you want too;) Haha

Thank you so much for reading this Blog Post on Shopping for Lingerie, and please reach out to me for any questions, I am here for you!:)


Here are a few places that you can shop at! They all have stores in Edmonton!



Night Owl Lingerie

Victoria Secret

Addition Elle

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