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Aubrey Justus

Aubrey Justus is a little ball of full body smiles, sparkling eyes and chubby thighs! He is the sweetest little man I can't help but devour him with kisses every time he gets near me:) I just can't get enough of him!!!!

Life has gone from survival mode with a new born, to getting a little more settled being a family of four. Gray is really starting to like his little brother, and want's to crawl all over him (he is not to be unattended haha) We have gotten out of the "Holy shit what did we do" stage to "ok things are getting normal" again stage.

Aubrey is three months old already and I am behind on the pictures:) Things get more complicated with two haha! I now know why by the second and third children there are less pictures and a lack of baby albums! Time goes by SO FAST!! I have to write in my calendar when he hits his milestones otherwise I forget. So here he is as a new born:) Haha


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