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It's almost time | Baby number TWO

It's the Final Countdown! Only a few more weeks and we welcome our second son:)

Between running after a toddler, running a business, trying to be a lover, making a baby with my body and being pinterest perfect, I have managed to do some reflection on the past year, and it has been a bit of a wake up call.

You have to be PERFECT! Wait What?! UGH Shut up inner mean girl and let ME talk!!!!!

One thing I am learning to do is let go of what this unicorn myth of being "perfect" is, and how it affects my life. Guess what Pinterest you are NOT helping! I do love you but I need a serous break, it's not me its YOU:)

I always though it was good to be a dreamer, and I think it is, but when it prevents you from living a life you love, and with your whole heart, I think there is a disconnect. I have been pushing myself doing workshops and meeting new awesome crazy talented ladies, and you have changed my views!

I find myself waisting a lot of time, time I could be using to fulfill my dreams. Dreams of a successful business, living in the country, having coffee on my front porch admiring all my hard work, travelling the world with my crazy little family, and just being less busy doing, well nothing really! I have been busy doing nothing! Dreaming the day away on pinterest and google.

Well I have decided to live my dreams!! With my physical body! Take the steps to step out of my comfort zone and walk the walk, no more giving in to my inner mean girl and the pressures of "perfectionism" I know this journey will be tough, but I am excited and even more excited to have this BLOG as an outlet! So lets say it together, PISS OFF "perfectionism" there is no room for you in 2017!! Yup, that felt good! I think I will make it a new mantra of mine:)

These awesome photos are curtesy of my friend and gal pal Kristina, you know who you are:) And you know you ROCK! Thanks Lady

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