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Are you being called?

Join us for 30 days of self love

A journey to confidence and self empowerment! 

In a world where societal expectations often dictate our self-worth, it's essential to break free from those constraints and define ourselves on our terms.  The path to self-discovery, confidence, and embracing our sensuality is a personal and empowering journey. Boudoir photography provides a unique opportunity to capture our beauty, strength, and vulnerability, inspiring not only ourselves but also other women to embark on their own transformative journeys.

The Self Love Campaign is part of that journey! Featuring 30 women, their stories and unique journey's on our blog inspire other women to feel less alone, and take the step towards becoming self confident and self defined! You will help others change their lives, just by saying yes!

What to expect:

We will meet over zoom for your consultation and talk about your session, wardrobe, what to bring, and pull a couple oracle cards and get to know each other:) I LOVE this initial part of the process:) 

Session Day:

You will have Professional hair and makeup done! Enjoy some light refreshments and snacks before the photo session starts.

The photo session will be in our home based studio, and I will help you with posing, guiding you through the whole process.


We will meet back in the studio to go through your images!

You get to choose two of your favourites to take home with you that day!

We review your blog post and choose the images that go along with it!

The investment is $375 +gst 

To get started click the link below, and start your journey to self empowerment!

When we receive the survey, we will contact you:)

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